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More sustainable online shopping. Offset carbon for free every time you shop on Amazon with our green "Feed The Croc" button 🐊

How does it work ?

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Feed The Croc to offset your footprint!

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  • Choose the type of offset you prefer - Protect and expand forests or directly remove CO2 from the atmosphere (What do you mean?)
  • It's free! We use a merchant referral fee to cover the cost for you - (What’s this?)
  • It's compatible with Amazon - (Awesome!)

How do I use it ?

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Install CarbonCroc

Shop as usual and click on the green “Feed The Croc” button before adding to your cart on partner websites like Amazon.

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Go Carbon Neutral

We offset the carbon impact of the delivery at no extra cost to you.

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Your data stays yours

The CarbonCroc doesn’t want your data - it only wants your carbon.

Who are we?



CarbonCroc is built by friends who have been working hard to bring you the tools to make your life more eco-friendly. We have worked on several projects together already, all with the intention of making eco conscious living easy and convenient.

We know that CarbonCroc alone is not going to save the planet, but we want to be part of the solution. We believe that individual action can bring systemic change. So next time you purchase an item online, you can know that a little less damage was done.

If you'd like to learn more read our story

Be green. Feed The Croc. 🐊
Paul & Dan.

How do I start?

Just download the extension and start saving the planet

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