’Carbon offsetting’ allows you to compensate for your CO2 emissions by investing in carbon sinks, meaning projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere in the long-term (such as planting trees or building wind farms).

Let’s be irrefutably clear: No, carbon offsetting is not the definite solution to climate change. And yes, large corporations should by now have implemented strategies that focus on tackling their environmental footprint at the source, but, realistically, these changes do not happen overnight. A business will always have an inevitable environmental impact and that’s where we try to help. If you’re interested in the debate on the legitimacy of carbon offsetting as a viable solution to climate change, read our blog post on “Debunking Carbon Offsetting Myths”.

Being carbon neutral, or ‘net zero’ to use the United Nations’ terms, means that the CO2 being emitted by a business is balanced out by an equivalent amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere. So by calculating your products’ carbon footprint and offsetting them, we are essentially making the products you sell carbon neutral. Yes, this is for real. I repeat, this is not a drill.

At CarbonCroc, we calculate the carbon footprint for each of your products in kg of CO2e by using open data from the EPA (The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency) and the French ADEME (Agence de la Transition Energetique).

We calculate the emissions of each item you sell from manufacturing to shipping. For the manufacturing we take into account variables such as raw materials, where they were sourced, the machinery used, the energy use and travel distance. Let’s take a latte for example, the calculations would go something like this: Latte with whole milk and flavoured concentrate: Latte with whole milk and flavoured concentrate: Coffee, roughly 25%, 0.480713934 kg CO2e Whole milk, foamed, roughly 70%, 2.39869986 kg CO2e Flavoured concentrate, roughly 5%, 0.0872089218 These calculations may vary depending on where your coffee comes from, whether the building where the coffee is made sources renewable energy or whether the coffee was made with cow milk or plant milk. Beyond that, some items are much easier to calculate than others. A coffee has on average 3 ingredients but a chair may include many more elements (wood, metal, hybrid materials…) that we must estimate. We usually try to slightly overcompensate on our estimations as it’s better for the planet 🌏


The price of offsetting with CarbonCroc amounts to roughly 1% of your GMV.

We take a small 20% commission on the offsets we sell to keep the company running. This is lower than many competitors and in line with the best non-profit organisations. If you are using the Lite version (where the customer pays to offset their delivery), this is added after we have calculated the cost to offset the delivery, to ensure that the delivery is carbon neutral. If you are using our premium version (Carbon Neutral Orders), CarbonCroc produces an environmental impact report at the end of each month that includes all of your offsets. Before donating to the offsetting project of your choice and ‘feeding the Croc’, we take a 20% commission on the price of your offsets.

That’s up to you! You can either: - Use our LITE version to offer customers the option to make their deliveries carbon neutral (free for you), or - Use our PREMIUM version to offset the carbon footprint of the products you sell, making your customers’ orders carbon neutral. (about 1% GMV) We recommend the second option as this earns you the right to call your orders fully ‘carbon neutral’ (rather than just the deliveries).


We offer a variety of offsetting projects from planting trees to protecting the amazon rainforest. Some of our projects also have a positive social impact in the countries where they operate. Click here to read more about our offsetting projects in detail.

There are several Certified Carbon Standards that exist to ensure the legitimacy of the offsetting projects; we use the Verra (Verified Carbon Standard) and Gold Standard. We have hand selected a variety of projects from which you can choose: from tree planting to sustainable cookstoves for coffee farmers, we’re sure you’ll find what’s right for your business. If you would like to learn more about these projects in detail, click here.

Of course! The choice is totally up to you. You also have the option of letting your customers choose which project they would like to offset in.


If you would like a life-cycle assessment email dan@carboncroc.com so that we can review your product or your company. Each LCA is unique so we need to understand the full scope of the project before giving a quote.

Yeah! We’ve actually just set up a monthly plan for individual offsets. Click here to check it out.

Absolutely! Feel free to email us at contact@carboncroc.com. The Crocs don’t bite and love chatting about how to save the planet. We’ve also written some blogs that may be of interest to you. Check out our advice on “Eco Packaging”, as we know this is a hot topic for online stores and our tips on “6 Ways to Green your Online Business”.


You betcha! Some of our favourite partners are drop-shippers!

Of course! Our developers are happy to work with you on the design of the widget to fit your brand image.

Nope! Our front-facing widget will not disrupt anything in your checkout process. Our developers are happy to run speed tests to verify this with you.

CarbonCroc offers a one-click installation through the shopify app store. The whole setup should not take more than 5 minutes!

Super easy! We’ve built CarbonCroc so all the technical stuff happens on our end. You run your business, we’ll keep it green.