Clean Water Access for Families


Water filters for families in Laos. By taking away the need to boil water, thousands of families can access safe drinking water, while not having to buy or collect wood and fossil fuels. This reduces smoke in the kitchen and protects Laos' beautiful forests from disappearing.

Project Highlights

  • Every year there are 15,000 tonnes of CO2 saved by this project.
  • Each filter provides 20-30 litres of clean water daily. That's the average daily household consumption.
  • There are already 32,000 household benefiting from this project.

For every 1000 credits purchased, there is

  • $15,800 worth of forest degradation avoided.
  • That's equivalent to 12 hectares of forest saved.
  • No less than 25 cases of ALRI (Acute Lower Respiratory Infection) treatments avoided.

Sustainable Development Goals

This project supports the following SDGs. More information about each goal can be found on the UN SDG website

UN Sustainable Development Goal 03UN Sustainable Development Goal 06UN Sustainable Development Goal 08UN Sustainable Development Goal 13UN Sustainable Development Goal 15

Project Description

A Bit of Background

In Laos, 1 in 3 people lack access to a source of clean drinking water. This has associated risks such as getting diarrhea or other water borne diseases. Although surface water is relatively abundant, it is of poor quality. And in rural areas it is not safe enough to drink.

Currently, in order to try and make the water safer to drink, over 80% of households must boil the water using woody biomass and charcoal. However, not everyone can afford this firewood, and its harvesting costs loss of biodiversity and forest cover.

Despite boiling the water, there are still preventable illnesses caused from the consumption of this contaminated water. Sadly, this is still one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of five in Laos.

The Project

The creation of Ceramic Water Purifiers (CWP) has enabled access to clean, safe drinking water. With a filter at home, entire families can have access to safe drinking water every single day.

This project is led by TerraClear, a social enterprise. TerraClear has designed CWPs that can remove microorganisms from water thanks to gravity filtration. This process of filtration through porous ceramics enables up to 3 litres of clean drinking water per hour. And a single one of these filters can last for up to 5 years with the right care and maintenance.

The barriers to accessing clean water for rural communities are being broken down by TerraClear as they focus on educating safe water practices.

Benefits and Added Value

All the Ceramic Water Purifiers are produced locally and therefore contribute to local industry and value in Laos.

The manufacturing has created sustainable jobs and opportunities which are hard to come by in rural areas. This emissions-free water treatment means that less wood is burned and less smoke inhaled, especially by women and children - those usually in the household. Public health, welfare and the economy benefit from this project. Finally, deforestation is reduced as families are no longer required to fetch firewood to boil water.

Through the manufacturing and distribution of these CWPs, there are over 150,000 people in over 500 villages in Laos being positively impacted.


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