Conservation projects in the Amazon Rainforest

Brasil / Peru

Pachama is harnessing AI and drones in order to drive carbon capture and protect forests in the Amazon.

Project Highlights


  • Over 1,162,865ha of forest protected - that's about half a million football fields.


  • An average of 241 tonnes/ha over all projects.
  • An estimated 280,250,465 tonnes of biomass being taken care of.

Sustainable Development Goals

This project supports the following SDGs. More information about each goal can be found on the UN SDG website

UN Sustainable Development Goal 08UN Sustainable Development Goal 12UN Sustainable Development Goal 13UN Sustainable Development Goal 15

Project Description

A Bit of Background

The Amazon rainforest, sometimes called the Amazon jungle - or simply Amazonia - represents over half of the earth's rainforests. It is a true gem in terms of biodiversity and carbon capture.

The forest is spread over several countries: Brazil (60%), Peru (13%) and Colombia (10%) being the biggest three.

There are more than 30 million people from 350 different ethnic groups that call the Amazon their home.

However, the Amazon forest is also being confronted with huge deforestation and illegal logging.

The Project

This project is a basket of projects in itself.

- Jari ParĂ¡ in Brazil

- Madre de Dios in Peru

- Brazil Nut Concessions in Peru

- Manoa in Brazil

- Agrocortex in Brazil

The projects are based around avoided deforestation, promoting forest conservation and reducing GHG emissions, all the while emphasizing local economic development.

Important ecological corridors are formed in order to provide habitat to over 2,000 species of animal.

More economic opportunities are created for communities who are subject to threats from illicit deforestation. Some activities which used to be subsistence activities can now be a viable income source thanks to the carbon credits.

Benefits and Added Value

Being able to harness satellite imaging with machine learning, remote verification and monitoring is possible in order to create assurance that these investments are having a real impact.

On top of this, local community members can find sustainable income through carbon finance.

Local stakeholders are trained in forest protection and its surveillance. The funds generated are also put toward skilled-labor workshops for socio-economic development of non-extractive forest management.


We ensure that each project funded through CarbonCroc has a real positive impact on the world. This project is audited and managed by the following organisations:

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